How NOT to Behave At a Funeral

The Comfort and Sweetness of Peace
After the clouds, the sunshine,
after the winter, the spring,
after the shower, the rainbow,
for life is a changeable thing.
After the night, the morning,
bidding all darkness cease,
after life’s cares and sorrows,
the comfort and sweetness of peace.

Helen Steiner Rice (more…)

What is Hospice care?

Death is not something most people like to talk about. Thinking of the death of your loved one can give rise to many emotional and spiritual issues. It’s not an easy topic to talk about when it comes to family and caretakers. When death is approaching we either sulk in grief, losing hope, fear leaving everyone or we live bravely till the end. Hospice is a gift to help grieving families share the end of life experience with personal care. Family members appreciate the support and care given to them by the Hospice staff in facilitating a peaceful death. (more…)

How to find the right Funeral Director

Making funeral arrangements can be difficult. The uncomfortable feelings, the stressful and sad moments can be expected. Not many people know what exactly to do when that moment arrives. It’s not easy to choose the right person to make the End of Life arrangements with so many things going on. Funeral directors are chosen to take control of the situation that you might not be able to handle alone. The chosen firm can make the process much easier as they guide you through the proceedings. (more…)

“Spirit in the Sky” by Gareth Gates

32571266385_5f5b09aee1A lot of us are uncomfortable talking about death. In fact, many wish that they never have to experience it or never find the need to talk about it. After all, we do want our loved ones to never leave us. As for us, death is the last thing on our minds especially when we are too busy trying to continuously achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. However, it will happen someday.

When the time comes that we pass on from this world, we all wish that it would be somewhere peaceful, free and filled with happiness. Whether we are religious or not, at one point, we will hope that we will be greeted by a higher being who will welcome us with open arms. (more…)

“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

27689035673_430df3e8bbDeath and loss are inevitable in life. Despite many of us dreading it, one day, we must face the music, along with our loved ones.

Each of us has different ways of dealing with death and dying. Some choose to spend some time on their own while others prefer celebrating the deceased’s life through more cheerful means. Many make sense of what they are going through by seeking songs. (more…)

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