“Look On Down From The Bridge” – performed by Mazzy Star

“Look On Down From The Bridge” – performed by Mazzy Star

Look on down from the bridge
there’s still fountains down there
look on down from the bridge
it’s still raining up here

everybody seems so far away from me
everybody just wants to be free
look away from the sky
it’s no different when you’re leaving home

I can’t be the same thing to you now
I’m just gone
just gone

how could I say goodbye
how could I say goodbye

maybe I’ll just place my hands over you
and close my eyes real tight

there’s a light in your eyes
and you know
yeah you know

look on down from the bridge
I’m still waiting for you

When people lose someone important in their lives, they often find it very hard to accept the fact that this loss is permanent. Reading different funeral quotes may help them alleviate the pain and grief that they feel but listening to songs can help release emotions better.

One song that grieving families can listen to during the death of another family member is the one performed by Mazzy Star entitled “Look on down from the Bridge”. This will be a very good piece to listen to because a lot of people will definitely be able to relate to the lyrics.

The song is actually about not being able to let go easily. This happens to people who have wives, husbands or partners who died unexpectedly. They are not able to accept the fact that their partners are gone and their way of living will change forever.

People who are grieving also feel disconnected just like the lyrics say, “Everybody seems so far away from me”. You also ask yourself how you can move on from this when you have always lived your life with the departed loved one.

Even if death separated you from each other, you always have this glimmer of hope that one day you will be reunited. There is that small percentage of hope that you feel because you know that he is watching over you as you pick up the pieces in your life.

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