5 Popular Condolences Gifts or Tokens Apart From Flowers

During the funeral services, it is common for the guests to bring in gifts like funeral flowers. However, it is not the only condolences token you can give. You can show your love and concern for a grieving family member or friend by sending other gifts. 

Though floral arrangements are beautiful, flowers wilt and do not last. Besides, some people have pollen allergies, so they may not appreciate blooms at all. If you want to send a more unique and personal gift, consider these five sympathy gift suggestions. They are also thoughtful and meaningful; thereby, effectively showing your condolences and support for the family left behind.


Comfort Food

Remember, food does not only nourish the physical body, but it replenishes the soul. The gift of food has been traditionally done in many different cultures for years now. After all, it is a simple and practical gesture of offering condolences. When people are busy with funeral ceremonies, they do not have the time nor inclination to cook their own meals. Hence, sending a warm dish as they grieve their loved ones is always a welcome token. 

Do take note to send the dishes the bereaved enjoys. The familiar aroma and taste can provide comfort and ease their burdens. You can also choose food baskets with fruits, snacks, pastries or even coffee. Just pay attention to food preferences, allergies, and dietary restrictions. When you give food, you make both the stomach and heart full.


Self-Care Treats

Mourning a loved one can take its toll on a person. It manifests physically because the bereaved do not feel the desire to take care of themselves. Some are even too tired because of all the proceedings. If you want your grieving family member or friend to have a sense of normalcy, gifting self-care gifts can give that gentle nudge. A refreshing bath or even something simple like a cup of tea can help someone feel invigorated. 

You can treat your friend to a local spa or massage. Alternatively, you can also give a spa basket with a scented candle, lotion, face mask, detox scrub, and hot oil hair treatment. Then, your friend can do the pampering and relax at the comforts of home after the funeral. 


Memorial Tokens

A meaningful and lasting gift to offer a loved one in mourning is a memorial token. This tangible gift reminds your grieving friend or family member of the deceased. You will find many ways to preserve memories but make sure you choose one that suits the recipient, too. On top of that, you must select a token that best reflects that memory of the one who passed away.

For example, if the deceased enjoyed gardening, a decorative garden fixture or accent stone will work. Similarly, if the deceased enjoyed music, engraved wind chimes will be much appreciated. On top of that, photo books and personal frames are always appreciated. Remember, whatever memorial token you decide on, make sure it is meaningful to the recipient.


Remembrance Jewelry

If you are close to the bereaved, investing in memorial jewelry like a necklace or bracelet with the deceased’s name engraved in it will be appreciated. You can also select religious relics like a cross or the insignia of the holy family if they are people of faith. Another option is cremation jewelry, where a small portion of the ashes is nestled in a locket.

Simple jewelry can be worn daily and make the bereaved feel as if they are still close to their deceased loved one. It offers closeness and comfort, which are both necessary for healing. Besides, this remembrance jewelry can be passed on as an heirloom and enjoyed by succeeding generations.


Healing Reading Materials

Finally, gifting healing reading materials can help someone find comfort in their cloud of grief. Alternatively, an audiobook works just as well, so they can listen to it if they don’t feel like reading. These materials encourage those who feel deep pain. The words offer inspiration and motivation, especially for those that feel hopeless and stuck.

Remember, it is never easy to lose a loved one. But your support can make a world of difference because the ones left behind will not feel alone. Whatever condolences gift you decide on, your thought and effort will always let someone know that you care.