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What should you not put in a eulogy?

If you’ve been tasked to deliver a eulogy in the funeral services, you are most likely close to the one who passed away. As such, your goal is to deliver the best eulogy speech to pay tribute to your deceased loved one. It is perfectly normal to worry about how to write a eulogy because you don’t want […]


How Long Should a Eulogy Be?

One of the most difficult speeches you will ever have to make in your life is called a eulogy. This is your last tribute to a deceased love one. The term eulogy has roots from the Greek word “εὐλογία,” which is defined as praise. It is comprised of words to honor your loved ones who […]


How Do You Start a Eulogy

If you were tasked to give a eulogy during the memorial or funeral services, you are given this honor because you have a close relationship with the deceased. A eulogy is a speech that you say about your beloved who passed away. A few people find this painful to do, especially if it is a sudden […]


15 Memorial Quotes to Add to Your Eulogy

A eulogy is a beautiful way to exemplify the life lived by the departed. It’s an opportunity for you to express just how much that person meant to you personally. For others, coming up with a eulogy may be hard at first. There’s a lot you’d like to say but may find it challenging to […]


On Writing a Eulogy

Accepting the death of a loved one is challenging on its own. To write and dedicate something about it could be an even more dreading task. However, we always believed that eulogies are a gift. Being given the chance to talk about a person that meant a lot to many is a blessing in its […]


Best Quotes To Add To A Eulogy

A eulogy is a speech given in a funeral ceremony. It is a speech that pays respects to the deceased which also helps reduce the pain and grief that the bereaved feel. During the eulogy, sharing fond memories with the bereaved will help minimize the emotional pain they are feeling. Therefore, you have to know […]


Incorporating Meaningful Quotes in your Eulogy

Knowing how to write eulogy is a pretty simple task. But once you are writing one for somebody that you are deeply connected to, coming up with the correct words and lines to your paragraph becomes extremely difficult.


Eulogy for a Dear Friend

Losing a friend can definitely be heartbreaking especially if that buddy is so close to you. It is even harder to talk about that friend in front of everyone when all the memories of his presence are still fresh in your mind. Logically speaking, writing a eulogy for a friend is easy but when you […]


Tips on Writing a Eulogy for your Father

Writing a eulogy for someone who’s really close to you can be a very emotional process. If it is difficult enough to write something for a friend, it will be much more difficult when you are doing it for your father.