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How to find the right Funeral Director

Making funeral arrangements can be difficult. The uncomfortable feelings, the stressful and sad moments can be expected. Not many people know what exactly to do when that moment arrives. It’s not easy to choose the right person to make the End of Life arrangements with so many things going on. Funeral directors are chosen to […]

“Angel” by Sarah McLachlan

Death and loss are inevitable in life. Despite many of us dreading it, one day, we must face the music, along with our loved ones. Each of us has different ways of dealing with death and dying. Some choose to spend some time on their own while others prefer celebrating the deceased’s life through more […]

8 Fascinating Funeral Traditions Around the World

We live in a beautifully diverse world. From religious and cultural practices to a plethora of beliefs, it’s what defines us a group and society. For one, burials and funeral traditions vary from one country to the next. In fact, there are plenty of strange albeit fascinating funeral traditions around the world that continue to […]

‘Growing Pains’ Actor Alan Thicke Dies at 69

Canadian actor and beloved TV dad, Alan Thicke, best known for his iconic role in “Growing Pains”, has died. The real-life father of singer, Robin Thicke, was 69 years old. Carleen Donovan, who is a publicist for Thicke’s son shared that the actor died from a heart attack on Tuesday in Los Angeles. Playing his […]