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God only cries by Diamond Rio

On an icy road one night A young man loses his life They marked the shoulder with a cross An’ his family gathers round On a piece of Hallowed ground Their hearts are heavy with their loss As the tears fall from their eyes There’s one who’ll always sympathise

Funeral traditions in Asia

Being a diverse region, Southeast Asia does not have a prevailing religion or ethnicity. Funeral customs, therefore, differ significantly even within countries, though most people follow Muslim, Buddhist, or Chinese tradition. Each Southeast Asian country has its own spin on these traditions, and they differ from country to country and even from village to village. […]

Thank you by Johnny Reid

If I only had, two words left to say to you. With my last breath I’d come face the truth to you. You’ve never left my side, even when I fell behind. Thank you for the life you’ve given me. Thank you for sharing all your love and your dreams. Thank you for every tear […]

Amazing things about Stan Lee

Stan Lee, the comic book legend, is one of the most influential men in Hollywood, and his life was always an open book. He is the co-creator of some of the greatest superheroes and the most loved stories of all time. Lee passed away on November 12 at the age of 95. In 2015, which […]

Joey (Sugarland)

What if I said yes What if I’d gone out that night What if you’d turned left Everything would’ve turned out alright What if I’d spoke up What’d if I’d took the keys What if I had tried a little harder instead of always trying to please Joey I’m so sorry Oh oh can you […]

5 Quotes on Death to Live By

The death of someone we love is an emotionally devastating experience. The pain can’t be simply put into words and we’re oftentimes left with so many questions. We feel confused and this is normal. This could be the reason why eulogies are so difficult to deliver. That is because not only are we to contend […]