This service is for shipment of human remains to another province or out of the country. This does not include visitation or funeral services before shipment, Airfare, consulate fees, and any other fees or disbursements in regards to shipment of the remains.


Professional & Staff Services:

Co-ordinating activities and shipment $675
Documentation – permits, forms, etc $475
Transport of remains – Initial (75 km) $125
Basic preparation of remains $100
Embalming $300
Facilities for preparation, embalming, shelter $100
Transport of remains to Airport $125

Total $1900 

Additional costs:
Casket $900-$2160
Air tray $500
Metal sealer $850
Coroners certificate of shipment $75
Certified’s $52/set
Embalmers affidavit $60
Authentication of documents $160
Translation of documents – cost will vary
Airfare – costs will vary
Storages fee may apply

*Please note that not all fees are applicable. Costs are dependant on information and documentation required by the receiving country.