Things To Include In Your Condolence Card

It is a common practice to send a condolence card with funeral flowers during memorial services or even after the proceedings are over. Usually, people just buy a nice card and put in the standard words like: “You have my deepest sympathies,” “I am sorry for your loss,” or “Our deepest condolences.” All are comforting words that show care and support. Read more

Tips on How to Move on From Grieving

We witness how families grieve for their lost family member by going to their funeral ceremonies.  I’ve been to some, and you can feel the sad and gloomy the atmosphere would be. Once the casket gets lowered, cries of sorrow fill the area, which makes you tear up witnessing the scene. I have also experienced losing a relative, and it was sad hearing stories about how she was treated by my aunt and how she regrets the mistakes she made in the past. Read more

10 Quotes About Funerals, Deaths, and Griefs

Life is not easy, and so is dying. A point in time will arrive where a loved one will die, and spending time with them would be the happiest moments of our lives. Death of our loved one will give us despair and grief, which we don’t want to experience. But death is inevitable, and we have to think about the worst-case scenario.

We’ve encountered a lot of quotes in our life. May it be about love, friendship, life lessons, and more. We don’t want to encounter funeral quotes because of the fact that it’s a quote for the person who just passed away. What others don’t know is that most quotes about funerals, deaths, and griefs are actually heartwarming. If you don’t know how to write a eulogy, these quotes can inspire and give ideas on what to include. Read more

5 Quotes on Death to Live By

The death of someone we love is an emotionally devastating experience. The pain can’t be simply put into words and we’re oftentimes left with so many questions. We feel confused and this is normal. This could be the reason why eulogies are so difficult to deliver. That is because not only are we to contend with our grief on a personal level, but we’d also have to stand in front of people who feel the same way while trying to make sense to them what just happened when we ourselves might still have no clue. However, people depend on our strength, especially in this most trying time. In a time of internal turmoil, sometimes, we must be the ones people have to depend on or else everybody won’t be able to stand what little ground they have. Read more